京都 玄米茶


Origin: Kyoto and Hiroshima

A daring blend of up to 80% roasted wholegrain rice (genmai) and only 20% green tea. This genmaicha is a welcomed stranger in the market-never before has a genmaicha been made with such a huge ratio of rice to tea. The bold aroma and flavor of the roasted rice is a nostalgic treat and the sweet umami and complex  tannins of the green tea add a refined balance and long aftertaste. The gorgeous golden brown color of the roasted koshi-hikari rice from Sera, Hiroshima Prefecture, and the vivid green of the first-harvest tea from Kyoto make you want to eat this genmaicha straight from the packet. And that’s how it was designed: this genmaicha can be added to other dishes straight from the packet or eaten as a savory dish after first brewing as a tea- the options are limited to your imagination.