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The NIPPON CHA team in the United States has recently partnered with the Japanese NIPPON CHA company to bring this brand to the United States. Through many attempts of collaboration, the Japanese brand is finally now available to the increasingly health conscious larger audience in the United States.

The NIPPON CHA trademark has also been registered in Europe as well as the United States. Future customers will recognize “Nippon Cha” as the more authentic teas of Japan.

All NIPPON CHA tea products have achieved strict JAS organic certification with their food items being recognized and registered as health foods in Europe and the United States. Our purpose is to provide our customers with the world’s healthiest and most premium teas and tea inspired cuisine.



Located centrally on Bayside’s vibrant Bell Boulevard, Nippon Cha welcomes you with a modern teahouse and full restaurant experience. Enjoy the artistry of NIPPON CHA, from their large selection of imported Japanese teas in addition to the many delicacies made with the same highest graded teas.  Prepare to be surprised by the infinite possibilities of NIPPON CHA.